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Tourism in Saint Valéry en Caux

Saint Valéry en Caux is a small seaside resort on a human scale that typifies the authentic Normandy. From the Hôtel les Bains, visit the marina in a few minutes for an outing at sea or discover the pleasures of sailing. Sunbathing enthusiasts will head to the beach at the foot of vertiginous cliffs. In the evening, you can bet a few chips at the casino and try the luck.

From Saint-Valéry-en-Caux to Dieppe

Take the road to the coast to discover charming villages and remarkable gardens. It takes a whole day to follow the course of the smallest river of France in Veules Les Roses and visit this charming Normandy resort. Less than 30 minutes away, enter the magnificent gardens of the Parc des Bois des Moutiers or the Shamrock garden and its collection of hydrangeas, both located in Varengeville sur mer. Do not miss the Saint-Dominique chapel and its stained glass windows designed by Georges Braque.

From Saint-Valéry-en-Caux to Le Havre via Etretat

To the West, be seduced by Fécamp, this former port of the Newfoundlanders, and visit the Benedictine Palace where you will discover the whole history of the eponymous liqueur. In Etretat, you must of course climb the cliffs of Aval and Amont to reveal the magnificent landscape sculpted by the forces of nature. Lovers of architecture will venture to downtown Le Havre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site designed by Auguste Perret.

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